Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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Architecture Lecturer

Architecture Lecturer

Being an architecture lecturer is quite an amusing job... i used to be an architecture lecturer couple of years ago in kliuc, now known as IUKL.. the infrastructure university Kuala Lumpur.. although it might sound like a normal lecturing job.. but trust me, teaching architecture is almost the same as being an architect...

An architecture lecturer needs to produce their own project for the semester.. this shall include stages from arranging site visits for the class to finding a project to creating briefings to conceptual design to sketches to schematic to construction drawings to model and every design stage in between... an architecture lecturer needs to monitor the whole class.. if there is 30 person in a studio, that means that particular architecture lecturer needs to supervise 30 designs...and that is for ONE studio class.. imagine if the humble architecture lecturer is to have 3 studio subjects??? not only that the lecturer is expected to deliver theoretical subjects as well... that would be one huge "Phew!"

Although it is tough, as tough as being a practiced architect, an architecture lecturer still have way much ample time compared to architects in construction fields... yup! that`s what i like the most about being an architecture lecturer!

Architecture Lecturer KLIUC IUKL final presentation
One of the Architecture Lecturer panel for final presentation