Thursday, 21 March 2013

Princess Diaries: It`s All in The BiG "3"!!!

ritzzamona kliuc iukl majlis tunang architectureprincess diaries architecture ritzzamona kliuc iukl majlis tunang

Approaching 31, married with a daughter.. Alhamdulillah.. setakat ini, semuanya dipercukupkan.

Its been almost 2 years now since i have migrated into this new life, new place, new status.. Last time I remembered, I was lecturing during day and having leisure time during night.. everyday is just talking talking and more talking.. talk to students, friends, mama, nephews and nieces, siblings, colleagues and everybody i cross by.. and if I`m not talking, I will be texting, emailing, online chatting, video conferencing and all sorts of ways to communicate.. but today, it feels so quiet.. so bore.. but yet, so CALM..

ritzzamona majlis nikah architecture kliuc iukl lecturer

Majlis Pernikahan @Ampang... Jun 2011

Alhamdulillah.. I'm officially a wife to a dedicated husband and a mother to a beautiful baby girl..  had moved to Johor.. because my lovely husband is working in Singapore.. its a good pay.. good enough for me to be able to just be at home.. and spend spend spend!  Haha..
ritzzamona lecturer architecture kliuc iukl pregnancy

During pregnancy :)

My BabyDoll

Though, sometimes I do admit that I missed the excitement of being a lecturer.. teaching architecture.. Missed my weekends where all my nephews and nieces would come visits.  Dari yang kecik baby, sampai la yang dah anak dara.. Setiap minggu akan ada budak-budak untuk dibuli.. oops.. untuk berborak..Well, I just need to find something else. Sementara nak mencari kerja baru dan mencari nursery yang sesuai untuk "babydoll" saya ni.  Why not, saya luangkan sikit masa untuk cuba benda baru.. yes, it is indeed a new thing for me.. BLOGGING!!!!

5 months old Aisyah :) way too chubby..

ritzzamona architecture lecturer kliuc iukl lecturer

Hoping to meet new friends, recent friends as well as long lost friends here..  So, if you happen to meet me here, feel free to give salam, say hi, say hello, wish good morning.. anyhow, you name it.. would love to share some stories!